Still Want to Join?

Missed the first two orientation sessions? Here’s what you need to know if you still want to sign up.

We allow new members throughout the month of April. After that, our training schedule has progressed to the point that a lot of folks can’t just jump in. The group is doing 7 miles on the last weekend in April!

However, until then there are a few things you can do if you’d like to join us:

  • Start following the schedule immediately. Even if you know you can’t join us for a Saturday meeting for a week or two, following the schedule will ensure that you aren’t starting too far behind.
  • Review the Saturday long mileage. Do you think you can do the distance on Saturday? If it’s the end of April and the group is doing 7 miles on Saturday but you haven’t run or walked in 10 years, it might be too late. But if you typically run 5 miles once a week, you can do it!
  • Click the join link on the website and formally join Portland Fit. Everyone that attends Portland Fit on Saturdays needs to pay our annual membership fee. It’s what allows us to have our great location (yes, it costs money!), have portapotties, insurance, etc. We strive to keep the costs low – it costs less to run or walk with Portland Fit all season than it does to participate in the one-day Portland Marathon!
  • Review our blog for past entries and to get caught up on seminar topics and other important news.
  • Come out 10 minutes early on your first day and find somebody in a Red Portland Fit Hat. They are the coaches and Assistant Coaches and they will point you in the right direction.

Welcome to Portland Fit!