2014 Benchmarks

Can you believe that some folks schedule their vacations around our benchmarks? It’s true. And they are smart. If you are dedicated to running a marathon, it’s a lot easier to run or walk 18 miles with your Portland Fit friends than doing it on your own.

We are still working on polishing up our complete training calendar. Mostly it’s working out some things later in the year and start times for various groups. There is a lot of art and science to our training schedule! But, for those that want to plan ahead, here are the 2014 Benchmark days.

Note: for those only planning to do a half-marathon, don’t worry! After the Helvetia Half Marathon, please keep coming out to Portland Fit to stay in shape all season. You just don’t have to do the remaining benchmarks. Cut your runs or walks short, or skip those benchmark days, or come out and help us volunteer for your fellow Fitters! There is something really invigorating about being able to do a half-marathon on a whim. Once you get in shape, you’ll be able to say “hey, I think I’ll do a half marathon this weekend!”

2014 Portland Fit Benchmarks

13.1 Miles – Helvetia Half Marathon — 6/7/14 (note: we are working on sign-up details. Stay tuned)
25K – 15.5 miles — 7/12/14
30K – 18.6 miles — 8/9/14
21 miles — 9/6/14 (Edited: our 21 mile benchmark is on Saturday, not Sunday!)