Portland Fit’s Medical Team


We are very excited to introduce our 2014 Medical Team! Dr. Anita LeBlanc and her team from Active Living Chiropractic were joined by Diane Cooper, LMT on our first day and we look forward to working with them throughout the 2014 season.

Some of our alumni may remember the familiar faces of Anita and Diane — both have participated in Portland Fit as runners as well as on the treatment team offering advice and massage. We are very happy to have them back working with our runners and walkers again. Our medical team are your best friends when it comes to injury prevention. And if injuries do occur, please talk to them early and often about how to prevent, treat, and recover from injuries.

Throughout the season, the medical team will be onsite on Saturday mornings offering advice and free 5-minute massages. They will also be supplying valuable medical content for our blog and weekly emails. Please stop in to chat with them and thank them for volunteering their time!


Active Living Chiropractic has two locations in Beaverton and Hillsboro providing the most scientifically evidence-based care in a relaxed, warm, and caring atmosphere. Active Living Chiropractic is a team of healthcare professionals that recognizes that every patient is unique. Dr. Anita LeBlanc, Dr. Justin Jelen, Dr. Christine Major, and Dr. Guillermo Bermudez believe in working in partnership with their clients to achieve optimal health and peak performance.

Diane Cooper, LMT has been a massage therapist and friend of Portland Fit for over 10 years. She couples her extensive training in human anatomy, physiology, and different massage techniques with her personal experience as a marathon runner, nurses assistant, and a mother to deliver massage that both relaxes and heals.