Where is the Schedule?

Are you looking for the training schedule? What do those numbers mean? Read on for details about our training schedule.

This season we have one training schedule. Alumni may have participated in seasons when we had several, but this year it’s simple. Everyone is following the same basic schedule, though each color group does have its own schedule.


Where is the schedule?
The schedule is available from the main menu across the top of our website. The headers are their own pages, so it’s not in the drop-down menu. Just click SCHEDULE and it will take you to the schedule page.

What does 25/e mean?
On our schedule page under the calendar is a lot of information about how to translate our training calendar. Please read that and then ask an Assistant Coach on Saturday if you have questions. Short answer: 25/e means go run or walk for 25 minutes at an easy pace.

I missed Saturday. What do I do?
Follow the training schedule this week. If you don’t know your color group, follow the Red schedule (they are all pretty similar in the beginning). Then come out and see us on Saturday or as soon as you can!