Thank Your Team

As we get closer to our goal, it’s a good time to reflect on how we got here. We’ve put in a lot of miles both on the weekend and during the week. But we usually can’t do it alone. So consider all the folks that have helped you along the way and then be sure to thank them.

Portland Fit’s coaches, assistant coaches, and medical team are always here to help you. But don’t forget your personal network. You may have family at home that cover for you every Saturday morning and support you during the week when you are doing midweek training. Your kids may bike along side you while you get your 30 minutes done. You may also have coworkers that ask about your training and make you feel good about your healthy choices. Or you may be running or walking to remember a loved one that’s no longer with us.

So take a minute to figure out who’s on your support team. And be sure to thank them for their help.

Stay fit,