25K Saturday

This Saturday is our next benchmark event — the 25K! We’ll be meeting at PRC as usual — check our schedule for updated start times or read on.

We’re working on a special route including aid stations, but please plan to carry your own hydration system. You can refill at our “refueling stations.”

These benchmarks are your chance to experiment, practice, and perfect your race-day rituals. Find the right outfit (no cotton!), blister/chafing prevention (Body Glide!), and dietary plan to make sure you have the best day possible. But also be ready for change — you’d be surprised by the number of things that can affect your performance. We’ve been stopped by trains, traffic jams, and flooding. All things that can be “taken in stride.”

Purple – 6:00am
Red – 6:15am
Yellow – 6:30am
Green – 6:45am
Blue – 6:45am