25K: July 13

The next benchmark on our schedule is the 25K on July 13. This 15.5 miler will start/end at our PRC homebase. Stay tuned for more details including start times, but in the meantime we wanted to discuss a few options.

If you are doing a marathon in the fall….
Plan to attend this benchmark! These “big” days are critical to our success as we prepare for the marathon. They are ‘test runs’ of our fitness and preparation. Pretend like they are The Big Event — wear the same clothing, eat the same things before, and otherwise try to mimic your Marathon Day. If you are unsure of your routine, these are the days to figure it out. What works; what doesn’t?

If you are not doing a marathon in the fall, but are doing other half-marathons…
It wouldn’t kill you to go a little bit farther (only 15.5 miles!) in your half marathon training. So come out and try this event. It might help your next half marathon.

If you are not sure if you are doing a fall marathon….
Participate in this benchmark. Once you miss a benchmark, it becomes hard to catch up. We only go over 13 miles a few times between now and the marathon and every time is longer (about once a month). So if you miss this one, you’ll be doing 18+ miles in August. That’s a big jump from 13 miles.

If you are just running or walking with us for general fitness at this point…
You may want to skip this one. Or cut it short and do 10 or less. Or better yet, volunteer! We need lots of extra help at our benchmarks as we usually have aid stations and course volunteers (bike sweepers, safety patrol, etc) for these big days. Send Celia an email at Celia (at) portlandfit (dot) com to ask how you can help. Thank you very much!