What Do I Do Now?

This time of year our number one question is: “What now?” The answer depends on what you want to do next, but it basically comes down to four answers. Which one is right for you?

Once you achieve a goal, it’s natural to celebrate and relish in your Greatness. But at some point we have to stop patting ourselves on the back and ask ourselves What’s Next? It seems to us that you have a few choices. Please choose wisely.

Quit and head back to the couch. You’ve got a story to tell your grandkids about that one time you did a half-marathon. You achieved your goal and you’re going to revert back to being a couch potato. We hate this answer. But hopefully you get off the couch next February or March and come out and see us again with renewed intentions to go farther/faster next year.

Move on to something else. Maybe you want to give up running or walking and try mountain climbing. Or kickboxing. Or tennis. If you need something new to make exercising fun and interesting, by all means get out there and try it. Just keep moving. We hope you incorporate Portland Fit into your 2014 plans and we’ll do it again next year.

Stick to half marathons. Keep coming out to Portland Fit on Saturdays, but just focus on half marathons. We think the best way to do that is to stick to our schedule as-is, with a couple of exceptions — don’t do the benchmarks. The full marathon training program has four benchmark days. 1) Half Marathon (Helvetia); 2) 25K (15.5 miles) in July; 3) 30K (18.6 miles) in August; 4) 21 miler in September. If you are only doing half-marathons from here on out, just skip those four weekends. The rest of our schedule is sprinkled with 10-14 milers on the weekend. And here’s a tip: if you do a 14 miler or 15.5 miler this summer, your half marathon times will get faster and you’ll feel better. But just doing more half marathons will help, too. We hope you continue to run or walk with us all summer! There are a bunch of half marathons to choose from. Tip: ask our Assistant Coaches for their favorites while you are out on a training run or walk!

Marathon, here we come. Stick with the Portland Fit schedule and you’ll be ready for the big one in October — the Portland Marathon. There are also marathons just about every weekend somewhere, so treat yourself to a vacation and go run in Honolulu or somewhere fun. Along the way you’ll learn all sorts of new things about your mind and body that don’t come into play during half-marathon training. We think everyone should do a marathon once just to learn how your body adapts to stress and recovery. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and have fun doing it.

Regarding our schedule, we are all now on the same schedule. There are not two separate groups (RnR & Helvetia). So we’re all now following this schedule.

Good luck with your choice. We hope you choose fitness.

Stay fit,