Hi, Mom!

Last Saturday I was running with the Red 8-milers on our Fanno Creek North trail. It was a 4-mile out-and-back and at one point, we got passed by the Greens. I ran with them, too, for a bit. And then I heard a Green woman yell “Hi, Mom!” Her mom was in the Red group.

A Green runner commented “that’s a first!” But then I started thinking about it and it’s actually not that uncommon. In fact, I ran into three sets of parent/children combos just on Saturday’s run. AC Monique was walking with her mom in the Purple group. In the middle of the 8-miler, another Green runner was struggling with shin splints. I walked with her for a bit and asked if I could call somebody. She answered, “Yeah, my dad. He’s in the Red group.” And then he happened to run up from behind us 5 minutes later.

Previously we’ve profiled Flor, our 80-year old marathon veteran. She’s participated in Portland Fit and marathons with both her children and her grandchildren!

Thanks to all of our members that are making Portland Fit a family affair. We applaud your family’s commitment to fitness!

Stay fit,