Online Schedule Posted

We have now posted our entire training schedule for our 2013 season on our website. Keep in mind that there are two training schedules running concurrently right now. Please make sure you follow the right schedule!

Sorry for the delay… we were trying to coordinate start times and organize our two separate groups. One group is training for the Rock’n’Roll Half and started in Feb/Mar. The other group started later and is training for the Helvetia Half. Both groups may then continue and train for other half marathons, Hood to Coast, and the Portland Marathon. After Heveltia, both groups will share one schedule.

Rock’n’Roll Half / Helvetia Half / Portland Marathon — this schedule runs from 2/25/13 through 10/6/13. It’s intended for folks that joined our program around March 1st.

Helvetia Half — this schedule is intended for members that joined around April 1st. It begins again at 3 miles and ramps up to the Helvetia Half Marathon on June 8, 2013. After Helvetia, all members are encouraged to continue training with us using the full training schedule above.

Both schedules are available in our main menu under SCHEDULE.