Dropped Out? Drop Back In!

At Portland Fit recently, I ran into a member that I hadn’t seen in a couple of weeks. He had signed up for the program in February, but got derailed and hadn’t run in a couple of weeks.  So he was showing up to start up again with the new Helvetia program.  You can, too!

We had originally intended the RnR Half program to be an early start in order to prepare for the inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland Half Marathon in May. And we decided to allow those doing the early program to continue with our regular full program for free after the RnR event. But my friend was using the regular program differently. Instead of switching from the RnR Half to our Regular program in late May, he was switching right now. Brilliant.

If you joined for the RnR program but fell off the wagon in March and stopped following our RnR schedule, now is the perfect time to re-engage and get back in the habit. Just start following our Helvetia Half schedule and you could set your aim on the Helvetia Half Marathon on June 8th.