What’s Next?

Last week we linked to a Portland Fit member, Devi, who described the first day on her blog. She made the point that the hardest part was just showing up that first day. But now that you did that, Devi explains “what’s next?”

Instead of you having to go to all the trouble of spending time and sweat eventually finding out what happens next, I’ll just tell you: 

You get this quiet sense of accomplishment bordering on superiority that buoys you even through bad days. You eventually get to very casually add to a brunch-time conversation, “Today I saw a cormorant on my ten mile run.” And then your friends will say, “Ten miles! Already? It’s only 11am.” And you’ll say airily  “Yes, I believe they’re a non-native species.”


Look, before Portland Fit I hated running. I. Hated. It. I found it wildly uncomfortable and couldn’t see the draw. I’d heard people talk about “runner’s high” but I only experienced “runner’s hangover.” I started running in defiance of myself, and happened to stumble into PDX Fit in a moment of serendipity. Now I’ve traded in the cost of my gym membership for a shoe budget and can’t imagine going back.

For the full article, visit Devi’s blog Basically, Run.