Schedule Announcements

Last weekend a new group started so we now have two training schedules. Start times are also changing every Saturday morning. Lastly, our schedule/start times are subject to change! Please read on for important schedule announcements.

1. Two Schedules

With the onset of our group starting on 3/30/13, we now have two programs running concurrently.  Therefore we now have two training schedules to publish.  To that end, we’ve created two separate schedule pages on our website.  They are both available from the drop-down menu above under SCHEDULE link.   You may also get them here:

One group started on 2/23/13 and is training for the Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon, the Helvetia Half Marathon, Hood to Coast, and the Portland Marathon. That schedule is here:

Portland Fit – Rock’n’Roll + Full Marathon Training Schedule (Feb 23 – Oct 6)

A second start group joined on March 30, 2013 and they are training for the Helvetia Half, Hood to Coast, and the Portland Marathon. But not Rock’n’Roll. We have created a separate schedule for them that runs just from March 30 through Helvetia on June 8. After that, their training schedule is identical to the first start group, so we’ll just have one schedule starting on June 9th (the day after Helvetia).

Helvetia Half Marathon Training Schedule (March 30 – June 8)


2. Start Times changing

At this point in the season, we also begin varying our start times depending on both the scheduled distance and the pace of the group. The goal is to arrive at home base between 9:00a and 9:15a. Please read our important blog post about Start Times for more details.


3. Updated Schedules

Last weekend, a few folks showed up too early because they made a copy or printed out the training schedule a while ago. Our schedule (including start times) is subject to change, so please always refer to the website for announcements and/or schedule changes. We try very hard not to change anything with less that a week’s notice, so checking once a week should be sufficient.


Please be sure to read our post “How to Portland Fit” with details about reading our training schedule, how and when to modify it, and other important information about following the program.