Shamrock –> Marathon

Did you do the Shamrock Run last weekend? Congratulations! Now how about chasing that with a half marathon or full marathon? If you still haven’t signed up for Portland Fit, you’ve got two options to get from Shamrock Run to Half Marathon in a few months.

Option A: you can join our group that’s already in progress. Most folks are doing six miles this weekend. Just sign up online and/or come out at 7:50a this Saturday and ask for Celia. We’ll get you plugged in to the right color group.

Option B: we’ve got a whole new program starting on March 30 at 8am at Portland Running Company-Beaverton. This group will be starting with 3 miles on the first day and building up from there. You can save $10 by joining today!

Congratulations again for finishing the Shamrock Run. Whether you did the 5k, 8k, or 15k, a half marathon is yours for the taking. Just come out to Portland Fit (and maybe our Red Coach Dave will sing for you again).