Big Picture

Want to know how to get the most out of Portland Fit? This week guest blogger AC Tony from the Green Group discusses the benefits of training with a group and how to maximize your time onsite.

Portland Fit is a “lower” mileage training program designed to prepare you for success on marathon day and minimize risk of injury. It benefits runners of all levels of experience and speed. The whole point is to prepare you for success and a positive experience on the day of your event.

In my opinion the runners that benefit the most are:

  1. First time marathoners (whether they are new to running or not).
  2. Experienced marathoners looking to improve their marathon time goals who don’t “know everything already” (nor think they do).
  3. Marathoners that have never tried training with a group.

The culture around Portland Fit is to find what works best for you. Experienced coaches and assistant coaches help guide you within the fundamental framework of the program. We focus on safety, injury avoidance and prevention, and working smarter in addition to a lot of hard work. We don’t try to limit your pace or which group to run in.

To take full advantage of what the program has to offer, follow the training program as best you can. Talk to coaches and Assistant Coaches (ACs). Connect with other runners in your group. Stick around for the seminars and then ask questions about what you learned. The best advice I received was from other people in the group 1 on 1. Often it was information I’d heard before but didn’t understand how it applied to me just yet. Once I was in a position to understand it. It made total sense.

Enjoy your training and welcome to Portland Fit.

AC Tony has been a member of the Green Group for over ten years. He can be found at any event where running and/or beer drinking is involved. Especially when it’s both.