Do You Blog?

Are you blogging about your Portland Fit experience? If so, let us know — we’d like to share your stories and experiences with our group. Your story may be just what somebody needs to get a boost during the week.

The Portland Fit support network consists of many things. We have a trusted schedule, trained and experienced coaches, and color-coded ability groups to create a vast network of support. On Saturdays we rely on seminars and coaches to answer our questions, but you can also learn a lot from your peers.

When folks blog about Portland Fit, it deepens the commitment. Before blogs, we’d encourage members to tell their friends and co-workers that they were training for a marathon. It built a network of accountability. Now folks can blog about it and accomplish a similar goal. But their words can also help to encourage others. Somebody may read your post about trying to juggle a career, kids, and your own fitness goals and find inspiration, ultimately convincing themselves to pull on their own running shoes at 6am and get their workout done.

This week’s blog tip comes from Meg who is recovering from bronchitis:

“I’m finally back in my running shoes, thanks mostly to the wonderful people at Portland Fit, motto: “No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.” Given how many days I’ve spent on the couch, coughing my head off, this is the sort of realistic approach I need right now.”

If you are blogging about Portland Fit, let us know in the comments. We’ll keep an eye on your blog and pull from it throughout our season.