Winning at 80

What will you be doing when you’re 80 years old? How about running marathons? And winning them. Meet Flor. She’s awesome.

Flor has been a Portland Fit member for 14 years. She’s participated on her own, with her daughter, son-in-law, and her grandchildren. She’s done 18 marathons, umpteen halfs, and Hood to Coast too many times to count. She is also the reigning 80-and-over champion of the Marine Corps Marathon.

Flor started running in the 1960’s while working at OHSU. Some friends convinced her to start joining them at lunch and she was hooked. Since then and while at Portland Fit, she’s run marathons all over the country. In the picture, she’s holding her first place age-group award from the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon (80yo+) and the first place age-group award from the 2012 Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland Half Marathon (74-79yo).

“My favorite marathon is Portland,” she says. “I’m familiar with the route and know just when to push myself.” It must be working — she’s won the age-group award at the Portland Marathon four times.

When asked about Portland Fit, she says, “I like the color groups where we can all belong to the pace we are suited. I also like the talks, the stretching, and the camaraderie.

“People keep saying I’m their inspiration and I am proud to hear that. Of course I don’t just run. I also do aerobics, yoga and zumba and the more I do these things the better my body feels each day. I wake up kinda stiff but as soon as I put my running shoes on and do my ‘body schedules’ for the day I feel good! Sunday is my day of rest!!!”

Flor is truly an inspiration to her Portland Fit family. If you see her on Saturday morning, please say “Hello.” She’ll give you one of her winning smiles.