Email List

Have you joined our email list? It’s a great way to stay up-to-speed on Portland Fit announcements. Keep reading for info on what’s included (and what isn’t), how often it goes out, and how to get on the list.

There are two ways to join the list:

  1. Visit almost any page on our website and then look in the lower right corner. There is a small form to add your name, email and preference.
  2. If you join Portland Fit, we’ll add your email to the list.

Not getting the email?

If you are not getting our weekly emails but think you should, check your spam folder. You may have also unsubscribed at some point and if that’s the case, we can’t manually add you back in. You’ll have to officially opt back in yourself, I think. Send john (at) portlandfit an email if you need help.

What’s in the Email?

We try to put all information on our website in the Blog section. Since we know you don’t live on our website, our email is basically a digest of every blog posting since the last email. You’ll see brief intros, a picture, and then a link to read more on our website. We’ve recently changed it to go out on Tuesday morning and Friday morning. If there are no new blog posts, the email won’t go out. Our plan is to make Tuesday the main (and only?) email most weeks, but we scheduled an additional Friday delivery in case there was some info we needed to get out before the Saturday meeting. Ideally it’s just once a week. For example, this week (Feb 22) we are sending out some important parking info with our second mailing.

Side-note: in changing the schedule this week, I may have sent out two emails on Tuesday, Feb 19. Very sorry about that. I hate making those mistakes.

What is NOT in the email?

We don’t include the week’s training schedule in the email. That’s available online on our training calendar. Please note that calendar is a Google calendar, so you can do some neat stuff like integrate it with your personal calendar on your phone, etc. There are some instructions on the schedule page.

What do you do with my email address?

We never share our email list with anybody outside of the USA FIT family. We only use it to send information about Portland Fit. You may occasionally receive email from our parent organization USA FIT as well.