Getting Ready: Start Now

Wondering how you can get ready for our First Day? We’ve got three ideas…

Start running or walking now. If you are anxious about your first day, get out the door and start moving now. We’ve posted a suggested schedule on our website. And it’s easy. Just get out the door and move for 20 minutes a couple of times per week. Don’t worry about pace. You can run, walk, or a combination. Just get moving.

Go visit Portland Running Company. Shoes are your first defense against injuries, so if you are planning to do this thing, let’s get some new kicks. The trick is to go see somebody that knows what they are talking about. And a specialty running store is the answer. This isn’t your normal shoe trip — these guys ask you about your goals, put you in a pair of shoes and actually watch you take a few strides (don’t worry; no judging here and it’s easy). They are trying to figure out if you naturally roll one way or the other and they want to put you in the right pair of shoes for you. It’s a science.

Drink a glass of water. We’ll talk more about the importance of hydration, but it’s twofold: you want to drink while you exercise, but you also want to drink during the day. So drink an extra glass of water today. And tomorrow.

Got more questions? Post a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.