Con-way Redevelopment

As you may have seen in the news, the Con-way site is undergoing some changes. And when that happens, we sort of get in the way.

We’d like to make it clear — we weren’t forced out of our location at Con-way. They have been gracious hosts to us for years and we loved the location. It had easy access to Leif Erikson and the Waterfront, and offered plentiful parking and low traffic patterns. Who doesn’t like that?

But when redevelopment happens, we are the low man on the totem pole. Every off-season, we have discussions about the location. And we were warned that changes were afoot. Our parking began to shrink and it was difficult to plan ahead when uncertainty loomed. Our long time members will remember the same thing happening when we left Old Spaghetti Factory in the South Waterfront. OSF lost their outer parking lot and the area became a construction zone. So we moved to Con-way. And we did that on short notice — it was hard.

I didn’t want to blame our move to Beaverton on this development. But it was a factor. Locations are a tricky business with a group our size, so we needed to plan ahead. Our friends at Portland Running Company stepped up and we started considering the possibility. We looked at our membership base. We looked at the route options around their location and we love Fanno Creek and Hyland Park. We made the best decision we could.

We’ve heard some negative feedback and we’re sorry that the new location won’t work for everybody. Every time a business moves, it takes that risk. But we have heard your comments and maybe we’ll find an additional location to broaden our coverage in Portland next year. But for one season, we’re asking you to follow us and explore a new part of town.

The announcement about New Seasons coming in to Con-way is hopefully the first of many. I love new developments. I love change. We hope you’ll change with us.

Stay fit,