We. Love. Rock’n’Roll.

Portland Fit is once again offering a half marathon training program to coincide with the 2nd annual Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland Half Marathon.  Our program starts on Saturday, February 23rd at 8am at PRC-Beaverton.

This season Portland Fit is once again offering a half marathon training program that’s perfect for the Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon, Helvetia Half, or any other summer half marathon event. But we’ll just be using one training schedule for the whole group. So how will that work?

As our past members know, after June our training schedule basically hovers around a 10-12 mile Saturday long run or walk. This allows our half marathon members the ability to maintain their fitness and be ready for a half marathon on a moment’s notice.

Note: some of my favorite half marathons are events where I decided the day before the event to participate. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you are ready for a half marathon on 24 hours notice!

For our members wanting to do a marathon, the only difference from our baseline 10-12 milers are a once-a-month long “benchmark” day. Our schedule has a 25k (15.5 miles in July), a 30K (18.6 miles in August), and a 21 miler (in September). Members that want to stick to half marathons can skip that day, only do 10 miles, or volunteer to help us support our marathon trainers!

We’ve been working with the folks at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series to make this a special program, and they’ll be onsite at our kick-off to help us celebrate the occasion.

Learn more about our Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Training.

So, are you ready to Rock ‘n’ Roll?  Join Portland Fit today and save $10 and be a part of our Rock ‘n’ Roll training season.