On the Move

Last week we announced that we’re moving our homebase in 2013 from Con-way to PRC – Beaverton. Why the change? We have a chart!

While we’ve moved from time to time over our 16 year history, it’s still not something that we do lightly. The first thing we did was analyze our current membership. The chart here shows our membership by location, including the difference in drive time between Con-way and PRC based on the central point of the city or zip according to Google Maps/Directions.

Note: it may not be your exact drive time if you live in one of those areas as you may live on one side of the zip or the other. Drive times also vary due to the traffic, but Google Maps served as an agnostic analysis tool. Also, traffic is at its lowest at 7am on Saturday morning.

You can see that the majority of our members live on the Westside. In fact, the commute is shorter for well over 60% of our members. The perception is that it’s a lot farther for some folks, but in reality at 7am on a Saturday, it’s another 10-15 minutes at the most.

Our goal is to make Portland Fit the kind of running and walking experience that people want to wake up early and attend once a week. The new location offers a new selection of routes, better amenities at homebase, and other program advantages.

It’s been said many times that you can’t please everyone all the time. We worked hard to ensure that this move does benefit most members and we hope to attract even more members from around our new home. We’re very sorry if this move adversely affects you and impacts your ability to participate. Attendance is the number one factor contributing to attaining your running or walking goals, so if you can’t attend we hope you find another outlet to stay fit.

As Coach Paula says, “our goal is to make it worth the drive.” We hope you agree and decide to train with us this season.

Stay fit,