Got a Fitness Resolution?

The Mayans didn’t bail you out, so you may have to get around to accomplishing those New Year’s Resolutions. Let us help you with the “Run a Marathon” one.

If you are like most people, you have some sort of exercise-related New Year’s Resolution. That’s where we come in. Portland Fit excels at helping folks achieve fitness goals, whether it be running or walking a marathon, half-marathon, or just a 5K. We take the guesswork out of how and when to exercise, because we provide you a day-by-day training schedule.

So if you want to actually tick off that exercise resolution, here’s the recipe.

  1. Sign-up for Portland Fit today. The first step is making the commitment.
  2. Get some new shoes. Visit a real running store like Portland Running Company and get fitted for the right pair of shoes. It’s worth it. Plus they know all about Portland Fit, so they can answer any questions in person if you want reassurance.
  3. Attend our first day on Saturday, February 23rd at 8am.

That’s it. Resolution resolved. See you in February.