Marathon Prep Checklist

It’s marathon week! There is not a whole lot you can do at this point to run faster this weekend, but there are a few things you can do that can derail your special day if you aren’t careful. So follow this pre-race checklist this week.

Get plenty of rest. You’ve heard it before, but no excuses this week. Hire the neighbor kid to mow the lawn. Don’t help that friend move to a new apartment on Saturday. Don’t spend Saturday on your feet at the museum or zoo.

Clip your toenails early in the week. You don’t want to clip them the morning of and create tender toes. And you don’t want longer nails bumping the ends of your shoes either.

Visit marathon expo on Friday (or early Saturday). You can avoid the rush of the weekend and spend less time on your feet. Make Saturday an extra special rest day. Don’t mow the lawn, walk the mall, or ride your bike.

Hydrate all week. It’s not just about during the event. Make sure you’ve got a water bottle at your side this week. Your office coworkers may snicker at your camelback or your amphipod belt, but it’s worth it.

Plan your marathon morning. Lay out your clothes, put on your race bib and shoe chip, gather your race-day needs like gels or gu or whatever, and set your alarm clock. Eliminate the early morning stress as much as you can.

Set a place to meet your running buddies. Tip: atop 24 hour fitness with Portland Fit is a good choice. We’ll be there starting at 6am marathon morning.

Check the weather and dress for success. Wear running or walking clothes appropriate for the forecast and you’ll be more comfortable.

Got more tips? We’d love to hear them, so leave them in the Comments section below.

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Stay fit,