Fall Marathons

The fall marathon season is the busiest of the year and there are always a bunch of choices for local marathons as well as destination events. With the popularity of the Portland Marathon, the deadline seems to get earlier and earlier every year and the costs keep going up. For details about the Portland Marathon as well as other marathon choices, check out these links.

Portland Marathon (Portland, OR)

This race sells out earlier and earlier every year. Their website now says that the event is closed to the general public, but it seems like if you want to spend $275 you can still register. Visit www.portlandmarathon.org for more details.

Hagg Lake Hybrid Marathon (Gaston, OR)
Saturday, 10/13/12

Located near Forest Grove, this event seems to be two loops around Hagg Lake. The catch is that the first half is on the pavement and the second loop is on the trails. We talk about “specificity of training” at Portland Fit, so if this race is on your calendar, be sure to talk to a coach about adding some trail work into your long runs.

City of Trees Marathon (Boise, ID)
Sunday 10/14/12

If you are looking for a new marathon experience, check out beautiful Boise, Idaho. It also happens to be my hometown, so ask John for details if you are planning on making the trip.

Victoria Marathon (Victoria, BC)
Sunday, 10/7/12

Over the years we’ve sent a lot of folks up to Victoria to participate in this great event. Make a trip of it and take the train/ferry and stay a couple of days. This is a great event.

For more options, check out http://www.racecenter.com. It lists tons of marathon and half-marathon events all over the country.