30K on Sunday August 12

Please read for important 30K announcements. Our next benchmark will be the 30K on Sunday, August 12th at our regular Sunday Tualatin location. There will be no meeting in Portland (Con-way) on Saturday, August 11th. Portland Fit-Con-way members should plan to attend Sunday in Tualatin.

You must carry your own hydration device during the 30K. We will have a few places along the course to refill, but they aren’t situated often enough to rely on them as your sole source of hydration. During the hot summer months, it’s imperative that you carry your own hydration.

Want to Volunteer? We are still in need of a few more volunteers to help with our 30k benchmark. Please contact Celia via email if you’d like to help out. Volunteers can help at homebase, as safety monitors (either at busy intersections or on a bike), or at aid stations. Thanks in advance for helping!

Please arrive at your appointed start time. The water stations and safety volunteers are not set up early enough for folks that start early. Please, please plan to depart at your appointed start time.

Purple: 6:00am
Red: 6:30a
Yellow: 6:45a
Green: 7:00a
Blue: 7:00a