Profile: Asst Coach Dave

AC Dave Stewart is one of just a handful of Portland Fit members that have participated in every season since our inception in 1998. He has been coaching for about nine of those years. He has completed 18 marathons, including seven in Portland.

Favorite marathon:
St George, Utah. Spooky gorgeous views, good organization and a mostly downhill course, though there are seven miles of uphill.

Biggest obstacle you face in training:
Getting injured. When I try to push the old bod too hard too fast, I get myself in trouble. If I am sensible and do my stretches, I’m usually fine.

Favorite race day musician/song:
“Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas, although “Take the ‘A’ Train” by Duke Ellington is surprisingly motivating.

3:29, at the California International Marathon in Sacramento, in December 2009, good enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon by 20 seconds.

What motivates you to keep going when the going gets tough?
Sometimes I repeat a little phrase in my head through a long run, like before a series of hills I will repeat “don’t freak out”. Sometimes I will take each mile of a marathon and pray for a different person during that mile.

Best advice you’ve ever received:
Remember to go “#2” before a race. Lightens things up considerably.

Strangest sight while out on a run:
The guy running naked in the Boston Marathon.

Favorite running gear:
My Injinji toe socks.

How it all started:
I had messed around with running for a while and started talking about running a whole marathon. My wife (Purple AC Deb) brought home a flyer from the gym about this new marathon training group called Portland Fit. The best thing of course is not the running itself, but sitting with Deb and my friends drinking coffee and talking.