Overwhelmed? Overcome.

Debbie Mercer is the Director of USA FIT, our parent organization. In this article on more.com, she writes about the Life Lessons of Marathons that she’s witnessed while watching people of all shapes and sizes cross marathon and half marathon finish lines.

In her article, Debbie describes some poignant moments that all of us involved with Portland Fit also get to see on an annual basis. We see the remarkable things that can happen when one person, often a stranger, puts their faith in another. “You can do it,” you’ll hear throughout the season at Portland Fit. “I know you can.”

It can a be a coach talking to a Red Runner. Or it can be two peers trying to finish a 10-mile training day. “We can do this,” one of them will say. Sometimes it’s hard to know if she was talking to herself or her running partner. Either way, it’s a simple message: rather than feel overwhelmed, they choose to overcome.

Debbie’s article describes her own challenges and how she grew as a person, first through crossing her own First Finish Line, and later through helping others cross theirs.

Thanks for the article, Debbie. And thanks for all you do for USA FIT.