Hot, Hot, Hot

If you are a big Buster Poindexter fan, the weather for Saturday’s 25K may be right up your alley. (Go ahead, click the link and listen to the song while you read this post. We know you want to.)  But running or walking in the heat presents some challenges, so be sure to plan accordingly. And carry your own hydration!

Buster might like it, but this weekend’s 25K benchmark is shaping up to be hot, hot, hot. So plan ahead. Be well hydrated before you start, show up on time, and carry your own hydration system.  Earlier this year we posted a blog about Warm Weather Running. If you missed it, please read it. If you read it before, please read it again. It’s important.

And don’t forget to read about the details about Saturday’s 25K.

Be safe. And stay fit.