Profile: Asst Coach Rob

Assistant Coach Rob coached the previous years as an Assistant Coach for the Green group in Tualatin. He has completed four marathons, including two in Portland.

Favorite marathon:
Pacific Crest: The flat course more than offset the altitude for me. The half-iron athlete’s fitness combined with the energy in downtown Sun River during the weekend is electric.

Biggest obstacle you face in training:
Nagging Injury. While I have recovered from IT and Planar Fasciitis recent tendonitis has been difficult to defeat

Favorite race day musician/song:
Move Along – All American Rejects keeps me going during long runs.

Pacific Crest 3:39, and my first ‘age grouper’ award.

What motivates you to keep going when the going gets tough?
The advise given by many Pfit coaches to ‘just keep going’ and the realization that others have struggled through this same battle.

Best advice you’ve ever received:
“Crush the drinking cup and make a V to drink from” advise from Dave Harkin at my first Pfit season in 2000. I had been dribbling all over myself for years prior to this sage wisdom.

Strangest sight while out on a run:
A sea lion under the Sellwood bridge followed closely by the resident bald eagle being chased away from the docks by Sea Gulls protecting their territory in the same area.

Favorite running gear:
My AC coaches hat of course, and a very high performance model this year as well.

How it all started:
While watching my son at little league signups at Tigard High a Portland fit coach came up to me and said “you could run a marathon with this program” and I completely dismissed it. However, I left with a weekly schedule and realized I really could run 30 or 40 minutes during the week and 6 or 8 on the weekends, if that was all it took. I mentioned this program to my wife Peggy (head coach blue/yellow/green Tualatin) and as a marathon veteran she encouraged me to try it and we’ve been doing distance events together ever since.