How to Earn a Free Race Entry

There are actually a number of ways to get a free race entry. Win a contest, volunteer, or sell yourself as advertising. What would you be willing to do for a free race entry?

Portland Fit member Mike agreed to wear the Jamba Juice banana costume at the 2012 Rock’n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon in return for a free entry. Sponsors of events often get comped entries as part of their sponsorship package, so sometimes they give these away to their customers or make them available through contests or other promo deals like this one.

There are several great reasons to volunteer, but sometimes one of the perks is a free entry to a future race. Check with the race organizer for special programs. Sometimes volunteering at a few of their events equals a free entry down the road.

Pace Leader
I recently wrote a post about my first experience as a pace leader. These free entries can be a little harder to come by as you have to know the race organizer as well as be experienced enough to run a constant pace.

Win a Contest
Sometimes a race will give away free entries as part of a contest. AC Dave’s friend Summer wrote an essay about her mom that was selected as the winner for a free entry into the coveted Boston Marathon! With the increasing role of Facebook and social media in race promotions, races often choose to leverage the word-of-mouth nature of these sites to run contests that often include free entries. Portland Fit even gave away several free entries using that method this season.

If you want to participate in more races than your budget allows, or if you just want to do something goofy and run in a banana costume, check out some of these or other ways to get a free race entry. Leave us a comment below if you’ve got more ideas!

Stay fit,