Profile: Asst Coach Dereth

Assistant Coach Dereth completed her first marathon in 2011, the culmination of an inspiring journey that began by listening to a tiny voice urging her to run just one block. She trains with the Red (and Proud!) group.

Favorite marathon:
So far, it’s Portland

Biggest obstacle you face in training:
Definitely getting all my weekday training runs in. Some days I really have to dig deep to find the drive to put my shoes on. Once they’re on, I see my red shoe tag and remember I’m Red and Proud and that helps get me out the door.

Favorite race day musician/song:
“Fighter” by Christina Aguilera. But I’ll tell you, Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten” came on at right about mile 18 of the marathon, and that song just got right inside me. At that point, the farthest I had ever gone was 18 miles and I totally broke down. At that moment right there I was rewriting my story. I still tear up when I hear that song.

Right now, I’m hitting all the races I’ve done for the second time, so I’m hoping to have a year of PRs. I shaved 7 minutes off my last Shamrock 8K already!

What motivates you to keep going when the going gets tough?
Honestly, knowing that there are people in the world cheering for me. And just the feeling of joy that I get from hitting the streets.

Best advice you’ve ever received:
“No new is good new” on race days. I’ve got scars from not following this advice. Seriously, don’t test out new gear on long runs.

Favorite running gear:
I have to say that, after just using a bandana last year, a hat is the best thing ever! I don’t know why I didn’t wear one last year.

And about those voices in her head:
I have never been a runner. In fact, outside of High School I haven’t really been athletic AT ALL but I found running by listening to that tiny voice inside me. One day, I was taking a walk to clear my head while dealing with a bad break up and that voice said “run!” I had a little argument with myself about how I don’t do things like that: “Fat girls don’t run! Little voice, you have no idea what you’re talking about!” I said. But I heard it again “run, just one block” — man, that voice was persistent. So I did. And it didn’t hurt, nor was it really that hard, and wait, I felt happy. So I kept going. I eventually found the Couch to 5K program, and after I FINALLY finished my first 5K race (2010 Komen Race for the Cure), I thought “ok, what’s next?” and I immediately signed up for the Shamrock 8K. I had half-marathon dreams, and was convinced by my friend and fellow AC Sheri to join PFit and I realized that I had marathon dreams too! My life has been forever changed by listening to that little voice because it led me here.