Helvetia Pictures

Celia posted over 250 pictures from the Helvetia Half on our Facebook page over the weekend as we twice passed under the Portland Fit arch at our cheering/aid station at Mile 1 and Mile 12. See if she caught you as you passed by!

We’d also like to extend a big thank you to our great volunteer crew for all their hard work. These folks arrive early, build the famous Red/Yellow Portland Fit Arch, and then fill thousands of water cups ready for our arrival. It’s tough duty — at Mile 1 everybody is still tightly packed; at Mile 12 they are also the last aid station to shut down as they wait for everyone to finish.

Congratulations to all our Helvetia Half finishers! We hope you are as proud of yourselves as we are of you. We also hope you continue to join us for our group runs and walks on the weekends. Some of you are going to add a few more longer days and prepare for the marathon. Others may just stick with our 9 or 10 milers and pursue other half marathons. Whatever your goals, keep coming out and capitalizing on your new found fitness!

Stay fit,