Portland Fit Rocks

Congratulations to all the finishers of the inaugural 2012 Rock’n’Roll Portland Half Marathon. We loved seeing all the PFit shirts, hats, and shoe tags along the course.

We’ve heard numerous reports of Personal Records (PRs) and other success stories on our Facebook page. Check out the posts and share your own story!

2012 represents my first time back with the Portland Fit group since 2008 (?) when I did my last half marathon. Sure, I’ve been on site a bit over the last few years, but this time I’m actually running with the group. And I’m having a great time. I had a lot of fun at the Rock’n’Roll event and I’m looking forward to the next event on the calendar – the Helvetia Half Marathon. I hope you decide to stick with Portland Fit this summer and participate in other events (like Helvetia or Hood to Coast). The training we’ve done to get this far has set us up perfectly for a great summer of exercise and fun. And who knows… maybe we’ll even do a marathon in October. So just because you finished the RnR Half doesn’t mean you’re finished with Portland Fit!

My goal for the RnR Half was to represent every color group during the event. With 15,000 runners and walkers and the big corral-style start, it seemed we were each going to walk a bit. But I also walked through several water stations. Following the advice of Pfit coaches past and present, I decided to start at my easy red pace and see how the day (and those hills!) unfolded. After clearing the first few miles, I was able to settle into my normal Yellow pace.

Once we got to the Eastside, I followed the following pattern: Yellow on the flat; Red on the uphill; Green on the downhill. Repeat. Seemed like there was another hill around every corner! I achieved my goal in the finisher chute running about the last 0.1 miles in my best Blue imitation. At least I hope it was Blue. It felt like it.

Congrats again to all you Portland Fit finishers. I knew my day was going to be good before it started as I had a pleasant surprise in the portapotty line (where else?). I ran into Portland Fit’s original Green/Blue coach, Siene, who now lives in San Diego (picture left, with current Tualatin Coach Peggy and me).

Siene came back to visit family and run in the first RnR Portland. In the old days, I could never keep up with her, but she ended up pacing me the entire way… thanks, Siene! She always did like helping others more than caring about her own finishing time. Note: It also may have helped that she had a baby just 8 months ago. 🙂

I hope to see you all continue with us on Saturdays at Con-way (or on Sundays in Tualatin!).

Stay fit,