Profile: Asst Coach Tony

This is Assistant Coach Tony Carpenter’s eighth year coaching for the Green group. He has completed ten marathons, eight of which were the Portland marathon.

Favorite marathon:
2004 when I got carried across the finish at Portland, still my fastest time 4:00:58

Biggest obstacle you face in training:
Skipping workouts, losing focus and eating/drinking

Favorite race day musician/song:
Varies on the distance

I ran the mile in 4:57 in college soccer tryouts. I PR’d at Shamrock somehow hungover after ST Paddy’s day party.

What motivates you to keep going when the going gets tough?
Watching/helping other people surprise themselves, reaching new distances, faster times. I’m also competitive and I won’t let anyone out kick me w/in 75yds of a finish line.

Best advice you’ve ever received:
Follow the training schedule or …just run and have fun

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen while out on a run?
I did a Keg Stand at mile 24 at PDX 2009. I was having a horrible day and wanted to make it fun. I ended up winning my Pump & Run Division 1st Place and Got 3rd in Clydesdales. First awards in running since Middle School.

Favorite running gear:
Body Glide. I’m kinda fat. It keeps me fast.

A proud moment:
2nd in Beer Relay 2010

Words of wisdom:
I’m an example of wasted potential. However, I’ve made every mistake there is and I’m still out here running. The thing is I learn from my mistakes and have a wealth of knowledge. Sure you can listen to advice from someone that runs way faster than you and is in great shape and probably addicted to running. OR…You can take advice from a guy who desperately depends on tricks of the trade each and every weekend to get through the runs. It’s vital that I know every short cut and trick to make me run faster and farther. You can’t replace experience. If I ever decide to get in shape look out. I’ll be fast. I do plan on running New York City Marathon this year in 2012. I plan on being ready for it.