Time to Rock ‘n’ Roll

This is it – it’s time for our Rock ‘n’ Roll program participants to celebrate their training by running or walking 13.1 miles! Good luck to all our members running or walking!

Congratulations for getting out of bed that first Saturday in February and sticking with it through some non-ideal weather. We had our challenges some Saturday mornings, but we’ve arrived at the big day.

Some quick thoughts:

  • Please rely on the Rock’n’Roll event website and materials for all race announcements.
  • We do not have a formal meeting place for Portland Fit at the event on Sunday.
  • We haven’t done this event before, so we don’t have any super-secret tips about parking or other pre/post event activities or planning.
  • It might be easier to spot your Pfit friends and Coaches if you wear your PFit shirt. (tip: I’ll be the one with the Red hat and neon green coaches shirt)
  • Have fun and enjoy the big day!

Before the race:

  • Visit the expo and give yourself time to look around.
  • Suggestion: on Saturday morning,  drop by Pfit at 9am and pick up your shirt and then go to the expo (it opens at 9am Sat).
  • Plan to arrive early on Sunday morning so you can park and use “the facilities” (often a line).

During the race:

  • There will be aid stations, but I like to carry my own in case they run out or don’t have what I like.
  • Drink plenty of fluids — and not just water!
  • Start out slow and see how you feel at the halfway point.
  • Enjoy the performances.
  • Thank the volunteers!

After the race:

  • Be sure to get something to eat or drink.
  • Enjoy the post-race activities.
  • Keep running or walking with Portland Fit this summer!

Good luck and stay fit,