Profile: Asst Coach Andrea

Red group AC Andrea Moore has been training with Portland Fit for twelve years and is kicking off her fourth year as a coach. By the end of this spring, she will have completed nine marathons.

Favorite marathon:

Eugene Marathon – it is a beautiful course and I felt great from the first mile to the last. I have never had that experience at a marathon before. It was really amazing.

Biggest obstacle you face in training:

My hip dysplasia.

Favorite race day musician/song:

Stronger by Kayne West or Outta Your Mind by Lil Jon & LMFAO. I am a hip hop girl at heart so when I need a push on my runs I definitely go back to my 20 something self and listen to the music that the “youngins” are listening to.

Well…I am far from fast. My goal at my marathons is to hope to finish before my hubby (Yellow Head Coach, Brent) showers and has lunch. Seriously though, last year I ran the Eugene Marathon in 4:47. 

What motivates you to keep going when the going gets tough?

My running buddies are the thing that keep me going. They are my second family. Also on a run if I start to struggle I tell myself “just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.” This is what Dory always said in Finding Nemo.

Best advice you’ve ever received:
Make Body Glide your friend.

Strangest sight while out on a run:
Not really strange but fun. A couple of weeks ago we saw a couple that had just gotten engaged on their morning run. Super cute!

Favorite running gear:
My Garmin and my Nike Sunglasses. Can’t live without either of them.

A few words of wisdom:
Find a reason to love running. Whether it is enjoying the time outside, meeting new people, improving your health, getting time alone, etc. Don’t just log the miles really try to enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong you will have runs where you are just getting through the miles but if you can find the joy in running on most of your runs then you have won!