Race Report: Eugene Marathon

Last weekend a large number of Portland Fit folks road-tripped to the Eugene Marathon.  Red Coach Dave placed 10th overall and 1st in the Over 40 division! Read on for AC Jess’s race report and learn how to get your own cupcake.

The best running group ever was born at Stay Fit, the less formal winter version of Portland Fit.  Over 20 of us made our way to Eugene this weekend to run the marathon (and some the half).  We spent the winter training together, slogging out the miles in snow, sleet, wind and rain.  We didn’t all know each other at first, but that is the wonderful thing about running, there is always room for more.  All that was required was to meet up at 8am on Saturday mornings.

The Eugene marathon was much tougher than I had anticipated.  I had my plan, my projected splits in my pocket, loaded with Nuun and Gu and a rocking new playlist.  I was on target at the 10k, spot on at the half, looking good and ahead of schedule at 18 and then the wall hit.  It got warm and I got lightheaded.  I walked and drank lots of water that then made me nauseous, but stopped the chills (a sign of dehydration).  At 21 miles a super big blister in between my toes popped and started to fill again.  I got tears in my eyes when I entered the stadium and heard the cheers of our section with our support crew and faster finishers.  4:41:47 ended up pretty darn close to my goal of 4:40 and I was super happy it was over. Right now walking isn’t so fun, but it will be better in a day or two.

Running for cupcakes?  What was a Helvetia Half birthday party has turned into tradition.  Major events are marked by chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream (gluten free and vegan to fit all diets). PRs (personal records) earn you a second one.  While it wasn’t my day to PR several in the group did, including a 53 minute marathon PR!

A special congrats goes to Portland Fit’s Red Coach Dave for his 10th place finish in 2:34:25.  We’re “Red and Proud” of you, Dave!