What is 10(25×25)?

This week our Rock’n’Roll schedule shows a new workout on the schedule –> 10min WU 10(25×25) 10min CD.  Read on to find out how to perform this fun and rewarding workout!

Let’s break this down into its components:

10min WU = 10 minute warm-up at your easy (Saturday long run/walk) pace.
10(25×25) = 25 seconds fast, then 25 seconds easy repeated 10 times
10min CD = 10 minute cool-down at your easy pace.

So what’s up with the fast/slow combo?  This workout is a fun way to integrate speed training into your routine without having to go to the track.  But you might need a watch.  If possible, you can set a running watch’s timer to 25 seconds and have it automatically reset to start counting down again until you turn it off.  If you don’t have a watch, you could just guess at the time/distance and then repeat it.  For example you could find a stretch by your house between two telephone poles.  Or three poles.  Or whatever.  So you would run fast between them, then continue slow for about 15 seconds, turn around and run slow until you get back to the landmark and run fast again to the other end.

The trick is to do this workout so you do all 10 reps at the same pace.  So your fast pace should be the same fast pace for all reps.  This is harder than it sounds and I guarantee that the first time you do it, you’ll think it’s easy (and fun!) and by about 6 or 7 reps you’ll start to slow down (read: your faster pace isn’t that fast anymore).  So start your first few reps at just slightly faster pace.  If you are a Red, think Yellow (not Green).

Note: this workout can (and will) be extended in two directions.  We’ll do more reps and we may do longer times.  For example 12(30×30) would be 12 reps of 30 seconds fast and then 30 seconds easy.  It’s possible we could also do shorter “rest” (easy) intervals.  So the workout could be 6(2minx1min).

Have fun with these new workouts.  And let us know if you have any questions.  Again if this is your first marathon training season, these speed training exercises are optional.  But give them a try.  We think you’ll find them both fun and rewarding.

Stay fit,