Steve’s Diet Tips

Our coach’s tips on Diet and Nutrition come courtesy of Green Assistant Coach Steve.  Who better to ask than a guy who’s lost 75 pounds and moved from couch potato to Green marathon runner?  How many of Steve’s tips do you already follow? Read on for Steve’s story and his ten tips.

I was born and raised in Kiwi country New Zealand and moved here to the US in 2002. I run my own insurance brokerage company for Life and Heath insurance for “Dave Ramey Show”.

I began my running journey just 18 months ago when I decided to make a lifestyle change in my diet. I never dreamed I would ever be a runner. 18 months ago I was 75 pounds heavier, having daily migraines and still in pain from 4 knee and 2 back surgeries.  Having to take pain medication everyday messed me up and I felt trapped as no doctor could help me.

So I decided to change my life with the plan to drop 20 pounds.  To my surprise it was easier than I thought and I began walking which soon turned into small interval runs. The weight kept coming off and the pain was going away along with the medication.

Portland Fit AC Clemisom invited me to join Portland Fit in 2011 and I ran my first marathon in 3:44. For me the victory was not just the marathon, but a total lifestyle change that included living pain free. I’d lost 75 pounds never to gain even one pound back. I’m forever thankful to Portland Fit to keep me motivated in my running journey and I hope someday to run across my home country of New Zealand. Running has given me a new hope and passion for the future to see the impossible possible again and never to make any excuses.

Many have asked me in Portland Fit about the program I used to drop the weight… well, I used a number of tools and kind of made my own program. Call it the Steve’s Running Diet.

Below are some of the main points I follow and hope they can help others.

Rule # 1. NEVER go hungry. EAT, snacks are your friend! Just make sure they are the right ones.

Rule # 2. Begin with the end in mind. Know that a diet from package food or high restrictive diet will fail if you don’t make a total lifestyle change for the rest of your life. Begin from day one with a long term diet plan that you know you can keep forever.

Rule # 3. Be a food racist! Change the color of the food. From red meat and white veg to white meat and green veg. Remove all white professed food. Bread and white rice.. This will lower the carb count. Ideal carbs per day 100-130 grams and increase fibre to 40 plus grams per day. Remove all sugar.

Rule # 4. Work out. Develop the habit of setting aside the time, even if it is just a walk. Next learn to do workouts in a fasted state before breakfast. Fat burns at this key time rather an just carbs.

Rule # 5. Water — drink 1-2 cups of water before each meal. Green tea is also good.

Rule # 6. Chew your food. Just chew your food more and ENJOY your food. Slow down your eating speed. It takes time for your stomach to know it is full.

Rule # 7. Wait 20 minutes. Take a little smaller serving of food for each meal and before getting more after you have finished wait 20 minutes. Often I find I don’t need any more.

Rule # 8. Treat yourself once a week. Enjoy the ice cream, but go for yogurt type and with less than to 200 calories per cup. Best time for this is after a work out. Go out and eat out at the place you just want to eat. Enjoy life a little. I like mine after my long run on Saturday or Sunday after church.

Rule # 9. Keep the program simple and fun. Make it an automatic no-brainier. Complex diets are doomed to fail long term. This is very important when going out with friends. You want to be able to eat what is there and not say I can’t eat this or that. Just eat a lot of the good lower carb whole foods.

Rule # 10. Visit Goodwill. Get rid of your oversize clothes once the weight has gone, as you are NEVER going back there. Get some new clothes as a reward!

If you have any questions about Steve’s diet, come out to Portland Fit and talk to Steve!