Profile: Asst Coach Sheri (Red)

Assistant Coach Sheri Alderman runs with the red group. She has run the Portland Marathon twice and is volunteering as a coach for a second year.

Favorite Marathon:
My second Portland Marathon, because I was able to shave about 17 minutes off of my first time! 

Biggest obstacle you face (either current or previous) in training:
I’ve had some pretty bad IT Band issues, which took me out of training for about 8 weeks last year. After several Physical Therapy sessions, I was able to get back out there with only about 3 weeks left before the marathon. I decided to take a Galloway walk/run approach, which really worked well for me, and got me to finish (faster) without any pain!

Favorite race day musician/song:
Do yourself a favor and download the Olympic Theme Song (the trumpet fanfare) – trust me, if that comes on around mile 22 or so, you will feel like an Olympian! 

I’m definitely a back-of-the-pack runner, so I’d have to say my 2011 Portland Marathon time – I came in under 6 hours! Official time: 5:56:54

What motivates you to keep going when the going gets tough?
I try to remember the feeling I get after I finish a tough run/workout – it’s such a rush and a feeling of accomplishment, it really keeps me motivated to keep going! 

Best advice you’ve ever received:
From John at my very first Portland Fit meeting, “What’s the difference between a runner and walker? A walker already knows when they are going to walk.” Learning that walking is ok was a huge breakthrough for me!

Strangest sight while out on a run:
People running in crocs. Seriously. And they were FAST!

Favorite running gear:
I’m a total gear junkie! I can’t live without my Garmin 405CX (although I’ve heard awesome things about the newer versions, too). My favorite piece of clothing is probably my Lululemon Inspire II Crops.

Her story:
In October 2009, I was a total couch potato with absolutely no athletic ability. I decided I wanted to try to “learn” how to run, since I’d never been a runner before. I got a few friends together, downloaded the Couch to 5k Program on my iPod, and completed the program in early 2010. I joined Portland Fit right after my first 5k race (the Shamrock Run), and immediately started training for my first marathon, which I completed on 10/10/10, about a year after I took my first running steps! If I can do it, trust me, anyone can!