10 Ways We’ll Get You Through the Finish Line

So you want to run a marathon.

Maybe it’s on your “bucket list.” Or maybe you want to prove the naysayers wrong. Or, quite possibly, you know deep down that you are capable of complete and utter awesomeness and all you need is a medal to show for it.

Here are ten ways Portland Fit will help you get from mile #1 to #26.2.

1. We’ll help you tackle the hardest distance: the 8 inches between your ears. Preparing for a marathon is every bit about training your mind as it is training your body. Our entire program is geared toward giving you the mental confidence and physical stamina you’ll need to make it through the finish line.

2. We’ll never flake out on you. Let’s be honest here; running partners can let you down. Kids get sick, hangovers happen, vacations beckon, etc. But when you’re part of our group, you know we’ll always be there – rain or shine – ready to put in the mileage.

3. Our training program is realistic. Do you have kids? A full time job? A long commute? (All of the above?) Whatever your situation, our training program is one you can realistically fit into your day. Basically, you can expect to train for 30-45 minutes on your own, three days each week, and then meet up with us on Saturday or Sunday morning for a long group run.

4. We have a really great coaching staff. Our coaches include some of Portland’s most reputable running enthusiasts and experts, as well as a few dozen volunteers who are passionate about helping you reach your goal. Coaches provide the insight, information, and inspiration you simply can’t get from an online training program.

5. Our sponsors make you feel like a VIP. They provide guided stretches after group runs, complimentary massages, discounts on running events, and more. If you’re going to train hard, you might as well get pampered along the way.

6. We’ll support you on your longest training runs. As we get closer to the marathon event, we’ll be running some very long distances – 15, 18, and 21 mile runs. We take care of all the nitty-gritty details, like planning the course, providing maps and guides, water refill stations, and more.

7. Meet new people who share your interest in running. One of the best things about training with our group is that you’ll get to know all sorts of people. When you spend as much time running as we do, conversations happen. Friendships blossom. Hilarity ensues.

8. We have some tricks up our sleeve for the 15th anniversary season you won’t want to miss. We’re not ready to spill the beans yet, but trust us: this will be our best season yet!

9. Our weekly educational seminars will help you maximize your training program, while staying injury-free. Topics include everything from training with a heart rate monitor to handling aches and pains.

10. We know you can do it. Wondering if you have what it takes? We know the answer – do you?