Start Times

At some point in our training season, we begin varying our starting time depending on your color group.

Want to know when you should arrive at Portland Fit each weekend?  Visit our schedule page and look closely at the weekend entry.  For each color group, it will tell you the distance, plus the start time.  This is when you should arrive.

In the example below, Purple is doing 5 miles on 3/17 and should arrive at 7:35am.

But why vary our start time?

Our goal is to have everyone arrive at homebase around 9:15am.  There are several reasons…

  1. Everyone can participate in Scott Brown’s (Adapt Training) cool down.  This expert-led cool down helps aid our recovery.  Plus it’s fun!
  2. Our members prefer to know when they will be finished every week (by 9:30a or 9:45a)  rather than when they start.  That way they can plan their day and not miss other weekend activities.
  3. We beat the heat during the summer training days.
  4. Spreads our group out a bit so we don’t take over the street, waterfront, trail, etc.

How do we calculate our start times?  Here’s the method behind the madness…

The goal is to finish by 9:15am.  If you are in the yellow group and going 5 miles, we use a 10min/mile calculation (Yellow usually runs between 9min and 10min per mile).  We backup 50 minutes to get 8:25am.  But we give each group 10 minutes to gather, cover some training tips (seminar highlights!), warm-up, and discuss the day’s route.  So the schedule will say 8:15am for the Yellow 5-mile day.

Please don’t skip the ten minute intro!  If you build that into your plan, you may be sorry.  Sometimes the group leaves early (we try not to, but it happens).  Then you ask the homebase folks like Celia and they may not know which route the group went!  Plus, the training tips and seminar highlights are important.  And it’s not fun trying to catch up to the group…. that’s not what our training days are about.  We want to start slow, not race out of the gate.

Our goal is to stay on schedule.  That means we won’t wait past the ten minute warm-up.  So please plan to be on-time and check our training schedule every week for your color group’s start time.

Stay fit,