Running Late

This often means we’re behind schedule and we’re trying to catch up.  For those with a busy schedule and a half marathon on the event calendar, it means we squeeze our training runs or walks in when we can… often at night.

But when you think about it, it’s really the same thing.  Our half marathon training schedule said to do 3 miles today and today was an important day.  It was The First Day.  For some reason it seemed more important today that most days.  I need the group and the program as much as anybody.  But today got away from me.  Sure, I showed up in the morning but there are lots of things to get done on the first day, so I missed the group run.  Then there is the kid’s kung fu class, and errands, and… and….

“You can’t go back and create a new beginning.
But you can begin to change the ending.” – Brian Solis

So I find myself putting the kids to bed and it’s 8 o’clock.  And it’s cold out.  But today is The First Day.  So I head out and I got it done.  3 miles in the bank.  And I feel so much better!  I missed the camaraderie of the group, the great post-training cool down by Scott from Adapt Training, and the free 5-minute massages from Clearwater Clinic.  But I did get the psychological and physiological benefits of committing to a goal and making steps toward it.  About 6,000 steps in this case.

I’m not going to blog about every training run this season.  But this one seemed important.  When we make a commitment and set a goal, Day One is the big one.  It’s getting out of bed.  It’s braving the rain, or the cold, or whatever excuse we or someone else can come up with.  Congratulations to everyone that had their own First Day today.  We had a great turnout despite the wind and the rain.  The good news is that Day Two is a rest day.  But stay on schedule this week and we’ll make this a habit.

Didn’t start on Saturday?  You’ve got a few options:

1. Start on Sunday.  Or Monday.  Do your 3 miles whenever you can.  The sooner the better.  Then take the next day off.  After that, do you best to stick to the spirit of our training schedule.  Sprinkle in running or walking days and rest days.  Most important — take the day off before and after your “long day.”   For most of us, that means Friday and Sunday are rest days (if doing the Saturday-based program).

2. Come out next Saturday and run or walk with us.  If you can’t start this week or need the group to make it happen, come out and join us next weekend.  After a few weekends, this won’t work as we’ll begin to increase our distance and we’ll leave those couch potatoes behind.

3. Catch our next start group when our March 31st (Portland) or April 1st (Tualatin) programs start.  Visit our training programs page for more details.  In the meantime, try getting out and doing some running or walking when you can.

4. Ride the couch.  Give up.  When the time is right, you’ll give it another try.  But here’s a tip: the time is never right.  Stick with it this time and a month from now, you’ll look back at your First Day and remember it as more than just a 3 mile run.

Stay fit,