Membership Contests

Over the last week we’ve been having fun running a few contests on Portland Fit’s Facebook page giving away free memberships.  Here’s the summary and winners.

For our final (?) contest for another free membership, we asked fans to complete this sentence: “My favorite part about Portland Fit is ___________.”  Participants added a comment to be entered in our drawing.  But there was a twist: for each LIKE your comment received, you got an additional entry into the drawing.
Results: Congratulations to Steve Young for winning the “Favorite Thing” contest.  We had 80 entries with 93 total Likes, so there were 173 entries.  And we loved all the great comments!  Steve played smart and recruited 37 friends to LIKE his status, so he had the greatest chance of winning…. and it paid off!

For our second contest, we  posted a picture on our Facebook wall and asked people to tag themselves in the photo.  We would draw one name from the tags and award a free membership.  Turns out you are only allowed about 50 tags per picture.  So we posted 3 pics and maxed them all out in short order.
Results: Congratulations to Cindy Gideon for winning our “tag the picture” contest.  We had 161 entries among four posted pictures.  Three of the pics were posted on our Facebook wall, but the fourth was posted on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland Half Marathon facebook page.  Cindy tagged our very first picture.

Our postcards went out to our mailing list this week.   Our alumni had a distinct advantage in this contest as we gave away a free membership for the first person to post a picture of our postcard on our Facebook wall.
Results: Congratulations go to Kim Crowder Guarnaccia for winning our first contest!

Thanks to everyone that’s been playing our Free Membership Games.  We hope you decide to train with Portland Fit this season.

Stay fit,