Are you going to run or walk on Saturday?

We are going 3 miles on our first day. But here’s a secret: you don’t have to run it. You. Can. Walk. Sometimes. It’s OK.

Run/Walk Method.  In fact, there is an entire marathon training philosophy built on the Run/Walk strategy. Some folks train for six months employing a Run/Walk approach where they run for 9 minutes and then walk 1 minute. Then they do the marathon that way, too. And it also works in different variations. Some folks just run for one minute and walk for nine. Five/Five is also popular.  But every runner has to walk sometimes. It could happen while taking a water break, or it could just be a “bad day” where you need to walk the last 15 minutes to get home.

The only difference between a runner and a walker is that
the walker knows in advance when they are going to walk.

Walkers Welcome!  Portland Fit also has a large group of dedicated walkers. These are folks that have decided to walk the marathon.  And this group seems to grow every season — it’s now one of our largest groups, perhaps because our Portland Marathon may be the most supportive to walkers.

Getting ready.  So what can you do to prepare for our first day? During the season you will learn how to get ready for our “long run (or walk) days.” These are the sessions you do with our group. During the week you basically stay in the 30 minute range, but our long days will get longer as we teach our bodies how to go farther and farther. You’ll learn how much sleep you need, whether you should eat breakfast beforehand, and how much you pay for that beer-and-pizza Friday night ritual the next morning.

This week, just drink a little more water throughout your day. Most people don’t drink enough. That’s just Life Advice right there. But we’ll cover the rest as we go.  This week is all about one thing: getting out of bed on Saturday.

You can do this.  Run it.  Walk it.  Or do both. As we say on our website homepage:

No matter how slow you go,
you are still lapping everyone on the couch.

Hope to see you Saturday.

Stay fit,