When/Where to Portland Fit?

Our season runs from late March through early October.  Members pay to join our program every year.

Next Orientation Sessions:
Saturday, March 18, 2017 @ 8a
Saturday, March 25, 2017 @8a
Portland Running – Grand Ave
800 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR

During the Season…

When: Every Saturday from late March through October. First few weeks start at 8am. Watch our training schedule for varying start times as our mileage increases.

Where: Portland Running Company – Grand Ave

During the week, participants train on their own whenever and wherever they can according to our training schedule.  On the weekend, our members are strongly encouraged to join us at our group meeting location.  We offer a brief seminar on a training specific topic and have ability-based training runs and walks to complete our long session of the week.  Please read our “How to Portland Fit” page for more details.

This season Portland Fit is offering one training schedule from March through October. This schedule is designed for members that want to train for half-marathons or a full marathon. For our halfers, they will be ready in early June and then can continue with the group only doing half-marathons. They can just skip our three or four really long days. Or better yet, come out and volunteer with their friends!

Members training for a full marathon stay with the training schedule and perform longer and longer training runs or walks as they build up to their ultimate goal of a marathon. The training also works quite nicely for folks training for Hood to Coast — stay on our schedule and you’ll be perfectly trained for the fun and challenging Hood to Coast Relay.

No matter how you plan to incorporate Portland Fit into your summer fitness plans, come out and run or walk with us on Saturday mornings. Please consult our training schedule for start times as they may be color group dependent.  Participants in our half marathon training may continue with our regular training group after the 13-week half program is over in June.  There is no charge for continuing with the main program.