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      Want to run or walk a half marathon? Come out and join us and you'll be ready by June. Starts March 19, 2016...

    • Marathon Training

      Our next award-winning marathon training program starts on March 19th 2016...

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      Stay in shape during the offseason with our free group runs and walks....

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    • fuel pic

      Feeling Hungry

      Our weekly mileage has been increasing slowly but surely while we build our base. Our first benchmark, the Helvetia Half Marathon will be here in just a few weeks. As the mileage gets longer we need to concentrate on keeping our bodies properly fueled. (more…)

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    • totem pole pic

      Where Ya Going? Higher and Higher

      We’ve had our first journey up Terwilliger a few weeks ago.  This week’s 8 mile course takes us all the way to the top where picturesque views await us.  We’ll start out heading toward Riverplace.  Turn left on Montgomery until it ends at Harbor Drive.  A quick zig zag up the path takes us

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    • don-t-even-think-of-parking-here

      No Parking Zone

      Many of us are training for races before the Portland Marathon and are adjusting our weekly schedules to accommodate the upcoming events.  That may mean getting a few extra miles in before or after our regular Saturday morning run or walk.  Many of us like to go for coffee or a Danish after our ru

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    • helvetia

      Volcano Half on Sunday

      Looking for a half marathon this weekend? Check out our friend Paula's event -- the Volcano. Use promo code LAVA to save $10! (more…)

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    • Yellows at the park

      Where Ya Going? Getting Loopy

      First prize for last week’s #PortraitinthePark goes to those shy and quiet Yellows who had a blast hamming it up in Sellwood Park! Let’s go ahead and do the full Sellwood/Tillikum loop this week for our 7 Mile Route. Turn left and stay on Moody taking The Short Way (NO zig zagging to the river)

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    • Dave at Boston

      Race Report: A/C Dave completes the Boston Marathon

      Congratulations to A/C Dave on his outstanding performance at the Boston Marathon this past Monday.  Dave has been a member of Portland Fit since its inception when he started with the Yellow Group and finished his first Portland Marathon in 4:35 minutes.  Fast forward 18 years, 23 more marathons,

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    • rw0516_gib_05_966

      Speaking of Boston

      50 Years ago Bobbi Gibbs snuck in and completed the 1966 Boston Marathon with an impressive time of 3 hours 21 minutes. Previously, she’d asked the race director for an entry and received a reply saying “Women are not physiologically able to run marathons and we can’t take the medical liabilit

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    • Jeff Chalk

      Sign Sign Everywhere A Sign…

      First there was Dorothy and the Tin Man following the Yellow Brick Road.   And now, thanks to the artistic ability of our amazing Coach Jeff, Saturdays mornings find PFitters happily cruising along the well-marked sidewalks and streets of Portland, OR.  But guess what… (more…)

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