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      Want to run or walk a half marathon? Come out and join us and you'll be ready by June. Starts March 19, 2016...

    • Marathon Training

      Our next award-winning marathon training program starts on March 19th 2016...

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      Stay in shape during the offseason with our free group runs and walks....

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      The Taper Crazies

      Have you enjoyed the easier training schedule this past week?  This final and very important phase of your training is known as the taper. It’s your chance to relax, scale down your mileage and enjoy the fruits of your labor. (more…)

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      Where Ya Going?  Terwilliger 1 Last Time

      Our 7 mile route takes us Right on Moody toward Riverplace.  We’ll turn left on Montgomery and pick up the zig zaggy path at the end of the street after crossing Harbor Dr.  This path leads you onto Harrison which you will take up to 4th St.  Turn Left on 4th and then Right on Sheridan and then

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      Final Countdown

      We have three more Portland Fit events: our last Saturday Group meeting, the Marathon, and our after party at Spaghetti Factory. (more…)

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      Piece O’ Cake Benchmark?…Not Exactly!

      A Big Congratulations to all 70+ of you who were out there braving the wind and the rain for last week’s 21 mile Benchmark. It wasn’t easy but everyone persevered, got their head in the right place and finished. This was excellent practice for getting yourself mentally prepared. Anything can hap

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      Where Ya Going? Sellwood/Hawthorne Loop

      The Taper phase of your marathon training starts off with an easy 9 mile loop over the Sellwood and Hawthorne Bridges. Start out with a Left turn onto Moody. Take the LONG way thru the South Waterfront, Zig Zagging all the way to the River and then Zig Zagging back out to Moody. Sharp Turn Left to g

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      Drive In Movies

      Looking for something nice and relaxing to do to kick off your Taper Time?  Why not head to the Drive in Movies at Zidell.  On Saturday, we’ll need to park on the North side of the lot (close to Tillikum Crossing) to avoid the Movie equipment.  The featured presentations are: (more…)

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    • finish-cake

      Benchmark? Piece o’ Cake!

      Attitude is everything when it comes to marathon training.  You’ve worked hard on getting physically ready by following the Portland Fit schedule.  You also need to get your mental game plan ready. (more…)

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    • benchmark volunteers

      Where Ya Going? Mini Marathon Course

      CHUNK #1 – THE EASY CHUNK This week’s 21 miler starts out with a Left turn out of PRC, then a Right turn on Belmont. Left on 3rd, then Right on Yamhill until it ends at SE Water. Turn Right on SE Water and take the spiral pedestrian ramp over I-5 and onto the East bank Esplande. Turn Left on the

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