• Half Marathon Training

      Want to run or walk a half marathon? Come out and join us and you'll be ready by June. Starts March 18, 2017...

    • Marathon Training

      Our next award-winning marathon training program starts on March 18th 2017...

    • Stay Fit: Offseason Program

      Stay in shape during the offseason with our free group runs and walks....

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    • Coffee and Running

      For all of our java junkies, here's a little info on how it can help our running and walking. Find out more about how we can use it to help our performance. And join us for our post-Saturday coffee klatch! (more…)

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    • Safety Quiz

      Keeping runners and walkers safe is our Number One concern, so our safety seminar is always our first training topic. This week's homework: take our online Safety Quiz! (more…)

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    • PRC Sale: 30% Off Saturday 3/25

      On Saturday, March 25, Portland Running Company is offering Portland Fit members 30% off of anything with sleeves: jackets, shirts, etc. Come run or walk with us and get a new rain jacket! (more…)

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    • It’s Not Too Late

      If you couldn't make it out last Saturday, our registration period lasts a few weeks, so it's not too late to join. And bring a friend or spouse or kid! As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. (more…)

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    • First Day

      We had a great first day last Saturday. We took the first step and began our journey. But there is still time for you to join us! (more…)

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    • New Program Starts Saturday

      Portland Fit's 20th anniversary season starts Saturday, March 18th at Portland Running Company at 8am. Come run or walk with us this season! The program works. Let us show you how. (more…)

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    • Parking, Parking, Parking!

      The magic begins this Saturday, March 18 at 8am at Portland Running Company on Grand Avenue. Come help us kick off our 20th anniversary season! Wondering how to get there or where to park? Read on... (more…)

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    • Where is the Training Schedule?

      Are you looking for the training schedule? What do those numbers mean? Read on for details about our training schedule. (more…)

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