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    • Summer Program: 7:30a start

      Reminder for Summer Program folks: our start times are changing every Saturday, so check the schedule! This week we start at 7:30am. See you at PRC!

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    • 30K on Saturday at 6am

      It's time for another benchmark for the marathon training team! This weekend is our 30K challenge. We'll be meeting at PRC Grand Ave. Bring your own hydration device as we will have several aid stations along the way for refills. (more…)

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    • Hood to Coast Tips

      It's been said that anyone can run twice in one day, but it's the third run within twenty-four hours that separates the stars from the wannabes. (more…)

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    • New Start Times This Weekend

      Due to the heat, we are moving the marathon program Yellows and Green start times to 6:30a this Saturday. Summer half program starts at 7:45a this Saturday. Be sure to always check our schedule page for updates to start times! (more…)

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    • Goddess Training Event

      Our friends at PRC and RunWithPaula events are hosting a special Goddess Training Event on Wednesday, August 16 at 6pm at PRC Grand. (more…)

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    • Mistakes We Keep Making

      If you've been running and walking for years, you know better. If you are just starting out, you'll soon learn. But here's a list of common mistakes we all make. Let's work on removing some of these from our training! (more…)

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    • Congrats on your 25K

      Big congratulations to everyone that finished our 25K last weekend. Lots of folks can do a half marathon, but far fewer commit to the next step -- going past 13.1. Nice work! (more…)

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    • Summer Schedule: 7/16-7/22

      Our schedule page for our summer half program is now online. Check out this week's schedule and then learn how to see into the future (for your training schedule). Also learn more about this week's 4 mile route. (more…)

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