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      Want to run or walk a half marathon? Come out and join us and you'll be ready by June. Starts March 18, 2017...

    • Marathon Training

      Our next award-winning marathon training program starts on March 18th 2017...

    • Stay Fit: Offseason Program

      Stay in shape during the offseason with our free group runs and walks....

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    • Shirts Coming Soon

      Our training shirts won't be here this weekend, but they will be ready soon. As an added bonus, when you pick up your shirt, we'll have all our extra shirts from years past.... you can choose one shirt for free from our inventory! (more…)

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    • Midweek Group Runs/Walks

      Are you looking for a little extra motivation for your midweek training sessions? Consider hooking up with a group! Form your own or join an existing group to get those miles in. (more…)

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    • Warm Weather Training

      The good news is that it's finally warm outside. The bad news is that we're distance runners and walkers and we'd prefer temperatures in the 50's and 60's instead of the 70's and 80's. So let's talk about some tips for running and walking in the heat. (more…)

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    • What’s the single best thing for your health?

      A Doctor-Professor answers the old question "What is the single best thing we can do for our health" in a completely new way. (more…)

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    • Five Common Injuries

      There are five main injuries that tend to plague runners and walkers. These tend to pop up when we start asking our bodies to do more than it is accustomed. Learning about these ailments can help us prevent them or take care of them. (more…)

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    • What is 10(25×25)?

      This week a lot of us have an odd-looking speed workout on our schedule. It looks like this --> 10min WU 10(25x25) 10min CD. What is that?!? It's called a "Repeat Workout" and they can be a lot of fun. (more…)

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    • Ice Baths

      “LSD”, or Long Slow Distance is an essential element to any marathon training program.  These high mileage runs taken at a slower pace enable the body to adapt to greater distances safely and efficiently.  Unfortunately, long runs also increase the athletes risk of injury, which can result in

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    • Treadmills

      A lot of us incorporate treadmills as part of our training. They are convenient, weather-independent, and easier on our joints. But is there a right way or wrong way to do a treadmill workout? (more…)

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