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      Want to run or walk a half marathon? Come out and join us and you'll be ready by June. Starts March 18, 2017...

    • Marathon Training

      Our next award-winning marathon training program starts on March 18th 2017...

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      Stay in shape during the offseason with our free group runs and walks....

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    • Training with Allergies

      Allergies affecting your training this season? Me, too. This year has been especially bad for those of us that suffer from allergies, but there are some things that we can do to help minimize the inconvenience. (more…)

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    • Online Schedule

      We have now posted our entire training schedule for our 2017 season on our website. Visit our schedule and don't forget to bookmark our big benchmarks on your calendar. You don't want to miss those! (more…)

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    • Helvetia Half Discount – corrected

      We had the wrong discount code, but it's now corrected. Try this code to get a race discount to the Helvetia Half Marathon You can save $20 off your race entry! (more…)

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    • The Times; They are a’Changing

      This week marks our first week of staggered start times. Our staggered starts alleviate some of the crowding at the starts and along the route. Please check the calendar every week to check when your color group is starting. (more…)

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    • Where ya going?

      For this week's 7 miler, we'll be heading up to the beautiful and always scenic Mt. Tabor.  This is a fairly simple route with a gentle incline to the turnaround and then a nice easy downhill for the return. (more…)

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    • Color Groups on Facebook

      Did you know that we have color group Facebook groups? We do! These groups are a great way to keep in touch and stay motivated within our groups. (more…)

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    • 8 miles?

      Last week we went six miles, this week it's eight miles... next week 7 miles? What is going on?! Short answer: trust the schedule. If you are curious about the method to the madness, read on! (more…)

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    • What the Hill?

      This week our schedule has things like 45/hill and 30/tempo. If you are thinking "What is THAT?!" then this is the blog post for you. (more…)

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